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Maho Tsukai Tai!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Maho Tsukai Tai!

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[27 Aug 2008|11:24am]

Hey there, I just joined so I'd thought I would post some icons I've recently made. I hope you like them! ^_^

[05] Cardcaptor Sakura
[07] Death Note
[22] Diebuster
[38] Magic User's Club


Isaki Apam Etto Cafe Nam!
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[21 Aug 2008|07:33pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Looks like Anime News Network finally discovered/recognized Maho Tsukai Tai in a Buried Treasure article.

It's about damn time.


The article also has some very useful tips on how to find and purchase Maho Tsukai Tai, as it's not exactly available. :c

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Hi, Takeo here. [29 Oct 2006|01:25am]

I just wanted to say hello to any new members...I joined a while ago, but ya never know who's joining up.

Im the voice actor for Takeo in the American dub of Magic User' Club...Anyway, I hope you're all great! Make sure you visit my myspace page at www.myspace.com/jamiemcgonnigal and my website at www.jamiemcg.com.

Love, jamie
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I NEED YOUR HELP! [02 Oct 2006|07:16am]

So I need EVERYONE'S Help for this year's World AIDS Day Concert.

There are some brilliant and EASY ways for you to get involved.

Just drop me a line to find out how!


Most of the ways you can help don't even involve you being in NYC! So drop a line an we'll set it up!

Love, Jamie
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hello everyone :) [04 Sep 2006|11:40pm]
Hi, i'm new to this community. As a welcoming present, I present to all a website I go to daily that offers many anime ep, pics, mp3 to sample, and you can upload your own fan arts or view others. Hope you enjoy and I will see everyone again soon :)

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[23 May 2006|01:13pm]


Lion In Wait
~Welcome to Cube Academy~

A multifandom RPG, all anime+game+movie characters welcome. Please do check out and join! ^-^
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Aburatsubo screencaps episode 5 [09 Jan 2006|09:07pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Aburatsubo screencaps from episode 5, 44 of them.  Credit if taken.

Click here to download

Click here for previewsCollapse )

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Episode 4 Aburatsubo screencaps [09 Jan 2006|02:55am]

[ mood | tired ]

45 screencaps from episode 4 of Aburatsubo. Credit if taken.

Click to download

Click for previewsCollapse )

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Episode 3 Aburatsubo caps [09 Jan 2006|02:49am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

22 episode 3 caps of Aburatsubo! + others with him.

Credit if taken.

Click to download

Click for previewsCollapse )

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Episode 2 Aburatsubo screencaps [09 Jan 2006|01:23am]

[ mood | determined ]

Episode 2 caps of Aburatsubo! And as he's usually with others, there are some good general group shots too.

32 caps this way! Credit if used:


Click for previewsCollapse )

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Aburatsubo screencaps from episode 1 [09 Jan 2006|12:28am]

[ mood | busy ]

Because some people, like me, are desperate, i am going through (eventually) every episode and screencapping pics of Aburatsubo ^^

So, here's 56 screencaps of the first episode of our lovely redhead. XD It's on a megaupload link in a winzip file.

Feel free to take but do credit!

Click here to download

Click me see previews of some screencapsCollapse )

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Mahou Tsukai Tai! Poster For Sale! [14 Dec 2005|02:43pm]

Hi Everyone! I current have an official Japanese Mahou Tsukai Tai! poster for sale in my selling journal (which I think might be somewhat rare). You can see images in this post (scroll down to the bottom for the posters). U.S. Buyers and pay pal only please.

Thank you!
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Colour Bars anyone? [09 Dec 2005|07:35pm]

Hey all! I've decided to bombard my User Info with Colour Bars, wondered if anyone knew of any Aburatsubo ones?

If you see me asking this same question in other fandoms, it's cos i'm asking this for pretty much every anime/manga i own ^^
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New member :D [23 Aug 2005|08:11pm]

I'm happy to see a club to Mahou Tsukai Tai :D :D *Dance*

Well, I'm a new member and I just had to join this club when I spotted it. :)

Hope to see you all around, since it's hard to find other lovers of this anime. Despite all the animes I've checked out, Mahou Tsukai Tai is still one of my favourites :D. Akane Aikawa is by far my favourite character from the series. *Snicker* <3

Hope this wasn't to long for you all ;). :)
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Can you help me? [26 May 2005|12:39am]

I would like to read skit from Magic Users Club...but I want it in japanese...And I can't read kanji. Where would I find something like this.
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Community Promotion - Animation Cel Caption Contest [22 May 2005|02:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Dear Moderators,

I have reviewed the user information for your community and either did not locate any rules forbidding the promotion of communities, or have felt that your rules allowed such promotion. Please note that if you feel that this promotion is outside of the rules and regulations of proper posting guidelines within your community I am more than willing to delete my post and offer my most sincere apologies. Please comment to this entry stating that you are a moderator and would like this entry removed if such is the case. Thank you!

”DearCollapse )

Thank you for your time and attention!

Cross Posted To Various Related Communities.

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Hello! [27 Sep 2004|07:08am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Well, just joined LJ a few days ago and couldn't resist looking for a Magic Users Club community. I love this anime!! But Slayers is still my favorite.

Anyways, my favorite girl character is Nanaka and my favorite boy character is Aburatsubo. Why *sniffle* does he have to be gay? Poor poor Nanaka. U_U

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[05 Sep 2004|06:59am]

Hey guys1 It's my first time to post here! Now, in the english version, the pink guy's name is Abby, right? Abby What?

And in the japanese version, what's his full name?
It kept me up one night. ^^
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New member here.. [30 Jun 2004|11:54pm]

I recently got into Magic Users Club and I absolutely love it. It blows every other anime away! (I never thought anything could overthrow my beloved Lodoss *_*;;)..

Well, hello to anyone who still posts here (It seems to be lacking a significant number of posts...direly).

((Aburatsubo rules))
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